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Recycle X Ray Film Into Cash!
We purchase for process and recycling all silver bearing x-ray films.

We at B.W. Film Recycling not only purchase scrap x-ray film from various customers but also provide HIPAA Compliant Destruction of all accompanied paper records, supplying you with a Certificate of Destruction for all material received.

We also provide a secure means to purge x-ray film files from your archive shelves, using our staff at a cost of 25 cents per lb.

If you are a Hospital, Medical Clinic, X-Ray Lab or a Non-Destructive Testing Lab call us for your next film purge.

For Record Storage Companies and Mobile Shredders that need HIPAA compliant medical film file destruction we can provide you a one stop solution with a Certificate of Destruction for all material received.

If you have X-Ray film for recycling and you would like a paid per lb price quote or more information, please fill out this quick form and we will contact you shortly.

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