Common questions x-ray film recycling

We have listed some common questions that are asked frequently by our customers below, in a case you have an question that is not listed here or you need clarification please do not hesitate to call us anytime @ 877-217-7020

How soon can B.W. Recycling, Inc pick-up my x-rays?
We usually pick-up the film with just a 1 day notice.

How much can you pay me for the silver in my x-ray film?
We usually pay for the film by the Lb, the price varies based on the current silver market and the quantity of the X-Ray film and few other factors.
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Does B.W. Recycling, Inc take the film in the envelopes and folders or do we have to remove the film ourselves?
In most cases, you do not have to take the film out of the envelopes or folders as long as the total weight of film is over our minimum, however if you do that, The amount we pay per lb of film will be higher.

I am located in Houston, TX do you pick-up here?
We pick-up x-ray film for recycling anywhere in the US including Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico.

I only have about 50 lbs of film, is this enough for a free pick-up?
Our minimum for a free pick-up is 50 lbs, so in this case the pick-up is free, if you are located in the Islands the minimum amounts for a free pick up are different.

Do I need to erase or cut patient's names or sensitive information off the film, envelopes or folders?
No, our film recycling process brings the film and envelopes to final destruction.

Are you HIPAA compliant?
Yes, BW Recycling, Inc is 100% HIPAA compliant as well as the film recycling process.

Are you registered with the EPA?
Yes, B.W. Recycling, Inc is registered with the EPA Our EPA ID # is FLD984167080

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